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Evidence to Action 2015: Engineering for Development


Technology plays an essential role in accelerating development in the poorest countries. But technology is not a black-box solution for poverty. Pro-poor technologies must be designed and delivered in the context of weak governance, failed markets, and complex social and behavioral norms. 

The event on May 4th, 2015 will take a critical look at technology for development. At the event, we’ll hear from CEGA innovators on how they’re transforming the design of pro-poor technologies for smart services.

Date and Time

May 4, 2015


Google San Francisco




Opening Remarks: Temina Madon (CEGA Executive Director)

Keynote Address: Ann Mei Chang (Executive Director, US Global Development Lab)

Under the Hood at Give Directly: Cash Transfer Logistics - Paul Niehaus (UC San Diego, CEGA)

Secure Digital Payments: Improving Public Welfare Programs - Karthik Muralidharan (UC San Diego, CEGA)

Chlorine Dispensers: An Early Case Study in Development Engineering -Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley, CEGA Faculty Director)

Rural Electrification & Smart Meters - Catherine Wolfram (UC Berkeley, CEGA) and Samson Ondiek (Chief Planning Officer, Kenya Power & Lighting Company)

Mezuri: Measuring Development Outcomes for Iterative Design - Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley, CEGA and VP of Infrastructure, Google)

Satellite Data for Development: Assessing Impacts at Ultra-Low Costs - David Lobell (Stanford, CEGA) and Jon Zemel (Product Manager, Skybox)

Closing Remarks: Carla Hesse (Executive Dean, College of Letters & Sciences, UC Berkeley) and Anand Radhakrishnan (Investcorps Technology Partners and Chairman of the CEGA Advisory Board)

Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley), David Lobell (Stanford University), Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley), Karthik Muralidharan (UC San Diego), Paul Niehaus (UC San Diego), Catherine Wolfram (UC Berkeley), Ann Mei Chang (Global Development Lab, USAID), Temina Madon (CEGA), Samson Ondiek (KPLC), Hal Varian (Berkeley, Google), Jon Zemel (Skybox)